friends and inventions

Do you know what penicillin, Popsicles and Post-It Notes all have in common? No one got the idea and then stayed up nights to invent them. They were accidentally invented – and our Lavender Wrist Cushion was, too. The other day my friend Kathi and I were chatting in my studio when she glanced over at my desk and asked me what the cute little pouch near my computer was. I explained to her that it had been a prototype for a lingerie sachet, filled with lavender, but I wasn’t happy with the design. It sat and sat on my desktop until one day I needed something to support my wrist while I was endlessly on the computer.

Our conversation turned to the subject of my pretty vintage handkerchief collection. I asked Kathi’s advice, “What should I make with these pretty hankies?” She looked at me, looked at that sachet-turned-wrist rest, and in that moment the Lavender Wrist Cushion was born. Sometimes our best ideas are right under our noses – we just don’t know them yet! Thanks, Kathi!

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