Plump Juicy Green Grapes

 This past weekend my oldest and dearest friend Diane and I decided to meet halfway between

her beach house on the Central Coast and my cottage in Marin County.

We got out the map and were delighted to find that San Juan Bautista is exactly between us.


Now I highly recommend becoming best friends with a chef. Diane never fails

to amaze me with her culinary delights. She said she would bring a few things,

I said I would bring plump juicy green grapes.

(Why would her husband say “Nobody talks like that”?)

Well, Diane and I do, thank you very much.

We swore each other to secrecy as to what was on the menu for ‘breakfast’ the next morning at the diner. My lips are sealed (and should have been after the second onion ring).

We stopped often to smell the flowers, which were abundant – full sun heaven!

A white picket fence can make even dried up flowers look amazing.

Geraniums = Italy to me.

We found secret passageways…

And we shopped…

I think I may have to go back for this. Tell me if you know about vintage chalkware? She was a lampshade…

I practically ran in here…

and when I saw this, tried to figure out how to fit it in my car.

I seriously think I’m going back for it.

Diane and I always have the best time. You know that friend who knows you so well

and loves you, flaws and all? Who you might not talk to in a while, but

when you reconnect it’s like it was yesterday? That’s my Diane.

If you’re in the San Luis Obispo area, you can see what I mean. Diane teaches cooking classes and

believe you me, they’re fun. Check them out here.

Ah, girls’ weekend. Better than therapy. 😉


  1. Sounds like a great time! My mom and I regularly have girls’ days!

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