a bit of Croatia: food and drink

This Croatia trip was beautiful. It felt like going back in time to Italy 150 years ago. Let me share it with you in stages – today we’ll take a look at some of the food and drink we enjoyed. By the way, what food group is Gelato a part of???!

There was a farmer’s market in every town.

If I didn’t make my own, I enjoyed an espresso each day.

There was a lovely restaurant around every corner…

Many served local seafood, cooked in the traditional way.

And of course the staples: cheese, wine, olives.

and if you’re thirsty, no problem.

But it was THIS. Oh yes my friend, THIS is what loomed at every corner, leaving us helpless.

Look at him taunting me.

THIS was good.

Thanks for coming along! Tomorrow we’ll look at the spectacular architecture throughout the hill towns and islands of Croatia.

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