a bit of Croatia: fun stuff

This Croatia trip was beautiful. It felt like going back in time to Italy 150 years ago. I’ve shared with you the amazing architecture, yummy food and drink, the flora, and even a laundry tour!

The photos we have today really didn’t fit into any category, but I really wanted to share them with you.

When I saw this sign, I stepped through an arch and down several steps onto a rock patio area filled with treasures.

My mind started racing, trying to figure out what kind of luggage I would require to take everything home.
Wouldn’t this be fun to take to farmer’s markets?So many beautiful handmade signs.Lovely churches everywhere.My favorite restaurant, which had amazing vegetarian food, had this to direct you to the Ladies’ Room……and this to the Men’s.And this above the unisex hand washing area. Notice the pink grout!One of my very favorite places of all. Here you order a glass of wine and get a cushion to sit on the rocks and wait for the sunset.Thanks for coming along! Tomorrow we’re going to take a look at Dubrovnik, an old walled city penned the “Pearl of the Adriatic” –  so beautiful it deserves its own post(s).

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