a bit of Croatia: Dubrovnik by day

This Croatia trip was beautiful. It felt like going back in time to Italy 150 years ago. I’ve saved photos of Dubrovnik for last – its well preserved city walls and Old Town are stunning. George Bernard Shaw called Dubrovnik ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’ and said that “…those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik.” Here is Dubrovnik by day.

This would have been a perfect photo, if my thumb wasn’t taking up a fourth of it. I was gripping on to the rail for dear life while taking the photo with the other hand.  😉

At the top of this photo, people are walking the walls of the old city, which takes about an hour and thirty minutes. At the bottom is one of two popular spots called Buza Bar I and II. Buza translates as “hole in the wall”, and that’s how you get there. Our view from said bar

Wouldn’t you love to live in this sweet cottage? High up on the wall, its view is shown at right. It looked so charming, until I realized what they have to go through to bring groceries home!!!

Kayakers taking off for a nearby island

The other Buza Bar. These folks are watching courageous cliff divers.One of said cliff divers. I think he was from New Jersey.
Look how this tree is growing out of such a small pot. It must have been planted so long ago.The view down to the main part of Old Town from our apartment.Thanks for coming along! Tomorrow will be my last post showing Dubrovnik by night.

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