Not all those who wander are lost

Happy Summer to you…it’s been a while!  Hope you’ve been involved in just the right amount of shenanigans this season. I think I need to turn my mischief-meter up a little. I’ve only been to the beach once this season, and to not nearly enough flea markets! Even though the calendar says there are four more weeks left to the season, the San Francisco bay area is just gearing up for its warmest days of summer. There is still plenty of time to play!

Speaking of shenanigans, I’ve really been feeling my inner-hippy lately. I’ve been daydreaming of being irresponsible and taking off with abandon in a little vintage trailer like this (notice the poppies on the table):

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.17.31 PM


And in these daydreams I’m wearing flowy clothes in colors that are new to me and I think I even have feathers in my hair

hippy collage

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And as I travel along in my little camper with my flowy clothes and feathers in my hair, I meet new hippy friends along the way and we have happy beach parties in tents with fairy lights…

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 4.56.01 PM


Now this reverie usually ends right about here. It’s about the time the dryer timer goes off, or kitty Bean brings in a walking stick bug from the yard.

One of the reasons I enjoy Pinterest so much is that I can escape for a while and get lost in photography that moves me (without getting myself into trouble). To appease my wanderlust, I’ve been spending time on two of my boards, Boho Dreams and Take me Away. Have a look if you ever feel that need to get away from it all for just a little while..and the collections are really pretty.

boho and take me

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Another outlet for me has been sewing with some incredibly beautiful antique kantha blankets that I’ve been lucky enough to come across recently. The blankets are made by layering six vintage saris together and hand sewing them with small, straight running stitches called kantha. Working with these beautiful colors and the super soft texture of the old cotton fabrics makes my inner Bohemian happy.

kantha stack


I love upcycling these into pillows, knowing that each sari has a history, as does the making of the blanket itself.  In Sanskrit, the word kantha simply means rags. What we see as an amazing work of art was really a humble woman’s way of keeping her family warm. The women of Bangladesh have been passing this tradition on to their daughters for generations, teaching them how to make those stitches small and straight. The attention to detail is amazing.

girl thread use

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I’ve added the first two pillows to the shop in a new category entitled Boho Pillows and I’m on the lookout for more vintage kanthas.  I hope you’ll take a look, and while you’re there check out the sale. A bunch of items have been marked down to make room for whatever new inspirations come along. I’m excited about this fusion of cottage and boho styles – all still very comfy, and very, very nesty.





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